Toe Rings Buying Guide

Toe rings  look very much similar to finger rings except for the fact that they have a gap (smaller one) at their bottom for facilitating easy adjustment and movement.

Types of Toe Rings

Toe rings are made from different materials including metals, rubber, glass and plastic. Some of the popular toe ring styles are, 

  • Coiled toe rings  also called as spiral rings  signify the feminine power and life cycle. Single metal wire (flexible) is formed to a coil shape, and it can be worn daily.
  • Studded toe rings can be got in plastic or metal. Plain stones ,diamond  coloured rhinestones are used on various patterns. Mainly worn during weddings and formal occasions as they add spark to the attire.
  • Beaded toe rings  have various coloured plastic  or glass beads attached to glass or metal or plastic rings. Can be worn during casual or formal occasions with open type sandals or shoes so that they are visible clearly.
  • Carved rings  can have intricate or tradition designs from funky types to flashy ones. They might also have ename  on them. Can be worn during all kinds of occasions.


Different Metals used in Toe Rings

Various metals used in designed these toe rings are, 

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Rhinestone Toe Ring :

This toe ring is available in natural crystal, in blue or in pink.

Silver and Diamante Flower Toe Ring :

This dainty daisy toe ring set comes with white diamantes.

Coral Toe Ring :

This toe ring is made from Sterling Silver and comes with a Coral Sea bead. It is fully adjustable.

Quick Picks

9ct toe ring :

This 9ct gold toe ring adds spark to the toe.

Turtle Trio Toe Ring :

It is made from sterling silver and depicts a turtle surrounded by its shell.

Treasure Box - Silver Fairy Toe Ring :

This adjustable toe ring is made from sterling silver, and it features a beautiful fairy.

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