Valentine's Day Cards

The practice of sending a Paper

Make Them Yourself

Making cards, especially on a holiday such as Valentine's Day, is the most thoughtful and personalized type of card to give. Making cards can be quite easy too. Create a mini craft project out of the occasion or encourage a group activity for the whole family to do. Some of the the things you might need include heavy
greeting card program and print from the computer. If you decide to go that route, here's a useful article from that outlines how to make a greeting card on your computer. You can also find layouts on the Internet and print those as well. For more creative ideas on how to make your own Valentines, check out the following sites: * Creative ideas to make unique Valentine's Day cards. * Valentine's Day craft projects. * Project ideas, card making layouts, and more. The only trick with homemade cards is to make sure that you write something great inside. After all, it's more than the look of the card that matters. Here are some useful Web sites with advice on how to write a proper Valentine: * How to say, "I love you" in 100 languages. * How to write a love letter. * Start to finish, how to write the intro, body, and finale to your love letter.


There are hundreds of Web sites that are dedicated to sending eCardsfriendly, perfect way to say Happy Valentine's Day when you have hundreds of friends on your list or when you want to send virtual hugs and kisses to friends or family overseas. Here are some of the top notch eCard sites on the Web and a brief description of each. Remember, it often pays to send free eCards versus signing up for a paid site unless you're interested in using the program throughout the year. * '''Free''' ** Pages and pages of cards to choose from with flash or animation. Standard cards also available. ** One of the best free sites around with a wide variety of cards to choose from after signing up. Highly recommended. ** Tons of animation with a bit of playful humor to them. ** Funny and perfect for sharing with friends. ** A decent collection of eCards to choose from, and absolutely free. * '''Membership Required''' ** A variety of cartoon cards, animations, photo cards, and more, but all for a small fee. ** The selection consists of mostly cartoon animations. Once you join you can create and print or email cards or select from all those available on the site.

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