Valentine's Day Gifts for Men

Gift Giving Tips

'''It's All About Him ''' ! * '''What he needs, what he wants, and what he has to have:''' ** Forget about how much he needs new underwear or socks and take this opportunity to get him the kind of fun and frivolous gift that he wants but would never get for himself, like a  Wranglers since he could walk, chances are you'll find your gift spending a lot of time on the floor of his closet. '''Keep it Simple''' The best part about getting your guy a Valentine's Day gift is that his expectations are likely low. That means anything will be a score for you. Fussing over an elaborate gift just stresses you out, and that takes the fun out of gift giving. Don't worry so much about things like blanket. '''Be Thoughtful''' * '''Buy for the boy in your man:''' ** As the true as the sun rising in the east, all men love toys! Be it a power tools, and other big boy toys. * '''Nothing like a good package''' ** Get a great price on the under the sleeve gloves. Get the picture? * '''Don't be scared to go with plastic''' ** To you a gift card screams thoughtlessness and poor planning, but to him it's a chance to have fun in his favorite store. Get one for Home Depot, or Sports Authority and turn him loose.

Gifts For Every Man

The Sportsman

If your guy is into sports, anything that he can use to participate in his favorite game or activity will be greatly appreciated. If his sport involves a lot of equipment, a new pedometer to keep track of his progress during a run or perhaps a new basketball for his next shoot around. Think about what does his free time for and what equipment he would get the most enjoyment out of.

The Handyman

Does your guy love to fix things around the house or always looking for an excuse to use his tools? If so, some new equipment may be the perfect gift. Tools maybe difficult because you don't want to buy something he already has or something he will never use. A new power drill will definitely come in handy, but if you're totally clueless you may want to go with a gift certificate to his favorite store.  Take a look at these suggestions to see if any of them would work for your guy.

The Businessman

Every businessman needs certain accessories when it comes to looking professional. Anything he can wear to work or use at the office will show that you acknowledge all those long hours he put in and know how hard he's been working. A new watch would be very useful and greatly appreciated when he's trying to impress his boss or clients.

The Fan

Every sports fanatic is always looking for ways to show support for his favorite team. Maybe he's a Kobe Bryant. No matter what team he's supporting, he could always use more ways to show how big a fan he is.

The Outdoorsman

If he is into any outdoor activities such as hiking or camping, some new equipment for his next adventure will make a great gift. A new water bottle to keep him hydrated are great gifts for an outdoor guy.  Take a look at these suggestions to see what works for his favorite outdoor activity.


A guy who is into electronics always appreciates a new gadget to play with. If he has a long commute, something he can use on the train or in the car, like a Apple or some new accessories for his favorite device, a new gadget will definitely amuse him. However, if you're technology illiterate, you may want to get him a gift certificate to his favorite electronic store.

The Everyman

If you're looking for a more generic gift, these are all good choices. If he's into shows like Playboy, but a subscription to the magazine could be something he would really appreciate.

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