Valentine's Day for Singles

In the months before February 14th, you're bombarded by heartlove for others, not materialism. Spend time with friends, family, and other singles, and rejoice in the relationships that you have or rekindle those that you have been neglecting over the past few months.

Reconnecting with Family

Having Fun with Friends

* Instead of going to the moviesCans'>drinks, and things to make the movie experience more comfortable. * Forget fancy restaurants and host a dinner party. Make and send invitations about two weeks in advance so that you can be sure that all your friends can make it. If your coupled friends are on the VIP list for your dinner, make sure that they bring along at least one single friend to the mix. If the formal thing isn't your style, get a few Valentine's Day kegs and throw things back to your college days. * Gather some friends to go ice skating. The fresh air and endorphin-loaded activity will reinvigorate any depressed attitude in no time. * Go out to a club, bar, or other singles-friendly location with some friends. Valentine's Day can be a great time to meet someone in the same relationship boat as you. * Host a spa night for you and your single gal pals. Do hot oil hair treatments. Pampering yourself is good for your body and fun to enjoy with friends. * Call up people who you have been neglecting to contact lately to see how they are doing. Rekindling old relationships is a good way to give your mood a lift.

Pamper Yourself Day


Funny Valentine's Gifts

Being single on Valentine's Day doesn't have to be depressing and miserable. If you love somebody platonically (or romantically but you're afraid to say it) cheer him or her up by buying funny little gifts to remind the recipient, that no matter what, you think (s)he is special!  

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