Vegas Weddings

Viva Las Vegas! Grab your lucky dice, wedding rings Vegas is the wedding capital of the country, hosting nearly 200,000 weddings every year. What is it that draws people to Vegas to celebrate their wedding? Is it the flashy lights on the strip? The gambling? Entertainment? Shopping? Golfing and luxury spas? Or the fact that you can easily wed there without a hitch? (See the guide on second time, or if you're having a small, private wedding for a few fab friends that's more like a party than a wedding so that you can have your "real" wedding with family back home. The benefit though of opting to go to Vegas is that most of the ceremony and reception sites offer packages. Package weddings are less expensive than creating a wedding piece by piece and when you are traveling to your wedding site, it cuts out the need to work extensively with Fun Vegas-Inspired Wedding Stuff

Who's Hosting?

Here are some of the Vegas hot spots that can host your special day.

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Hochzeit in Las Vegas