Weather Stations: Better Than the Weather Channel!

I remember back in the day we had a outside. Nowadays, technology has gone far beyond just telling the temperature. Weather stations do it all. With a AA batteries that will have to be replaced about as often as you would replace clock batteries. * '''Mounting''' ** Strictly wall mounting models tend to look more "traditional". **color weather station. Some may enjoy the brighter display, while others will be happy with the monochrome look since it blends into the wall or into an office.

Pro Weather Stations

Professional weather stations are used by farmers and weather enthusiasts.  A typical system includes rain collector, temperature and humidity sensors, anemometer, and a home receiver.  Prices range from $100 to around $1,000.

Home Weather Stations

Home weather systems typically come with a simple weather sensor and a receiver.  Some access the weather via wireless internet connection.  

Handheld Weather Stations

These are great for your next nature hike or camping trip.  

Search for Weather Stations

* '''By Brand''' ** Davis Instruments ** Extech Instruments ** Kestrel Wind Meters ** La Crosse Technology ** Midland Corporation ** Oregon Scientific ** Whitehall Products ** Ambient Devices * '''By Price''' ** Less than $200 ** ** $800+

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