Wedding Cakes

Once the cutting the cake can have a bride's mind in a flurry over what type of cake to choose. After all, the sky is the limit, especially if you've hired a wedding cake designer. However, in the world of wedding cakes, tastes and visions will drastically vary.

Cake Categories

First, consider the style of your wedding. Is it traditional, modern, glamorous, simple, or casual? Maybe you chose a theme? Here are some of the typical directions to take when choosing a cake style. Or, have a little fun and find the cake that best suits your style with this fun quiz from The Knot. Other types of cakes and desserts that you might consider are not necessarily traditional in any sense of the word. However, they offer unique alternatives to the standard wedding cake, and are particularly suitable for casual, semiTower'>Cupcake cakes are becoming extremely popular while petit fours, mini cheesecakes, croquembouche, tiers of donuts, truffles, and crème brûlée are also great options.

It's What's on the Inside That Counts

Sure you want a cake to speak worlds about you and your personality, but you also want the cake to taste good. Remember, you will eventually eat it. A cake's icing must work in combination with the filling. When choosing flavors, always sample! Although certain combinations might sound delicious on paper, your palate may disagree. * '''Buttercream''' icing and filling is sweet, creamy, and mild. To give it a kick, buttercream consists of butter, sugar, and eggs, so it's not the best choice for warm weather outdoor weddings. You wouldn't want it to melt as temperatures rise. * '''Fondant''' gives a smooth look that is similar to porcelain. Since it's Fanciful Flavors and Fillings Casual summer weddings go hand in hand with fruity confections, while a winter wedding cakes tend to often have richer flavors and heavier fillings. Here are some fun flavor ideas that you might want to consider. * '''Fruity Fresh for Spring and Summer''' ** Angel food with whipped cream frosting and fresh berries ** Mocha cake with Grand Marnier buttercream filling ** Orange-chiffon cake with grenache filling ** Lemon-chiffon with lemon mousse filling ** Vanilla cake with whipped-cream and strawberry filling ** Vanilla cake with fresh peaches and a peach mousse filling ** Vanilla cake with coconut mousse and lime curd * '''Savory Sweetness for Fall and Winter''' ** Pistachio cake with pistachio praline and whipped cream filling ** Carrot cake with cream cheese filling ** Sponge cake with walnuts and chocolate chips with chocolate mousse filling ** Hazelnut with raspberry and grenache filling ** Genoise cake soaked in Bailey's Irish Cream filled with white chocolate truffle icing ** Tiramisu * '''For Chocolate Lovers''' ** Chocolate cake with peanut butter truffle filling ** Chocolate cake with mint-flavored ganache ** Espresso soaked chocolate cake with a layer of Bavarian cream covered in ganache Don't forget that you can mix and match the filling between layers and you can get different cake flavors in each tier.

Other Details

* A wedding cake's size and number of tiers depends on whether or not the cake is purely ornamental or dessert. Larger cakes will feature edible bottom layers with decorative upper layers. * Chat with your florist ''and'' your cake designer to coordinate the inclusion of flowers or other designs and objects on the cake. * Take your wedding date into consideration. Cakes are often made a few days before the bid day, but the consultation and tastings must be done in advance. * When designing your cake, be sure to discuss any ornaments, whether or not it will pose any issues. Very heavy items will additional need support.

Quick Picks

Saving Money on the Cake

* Opt for cupcakes instead. They only cost about two or three dollars a piece versus a fourgroomsmen'>wedding items. * Order an optional dessert and cut the size of the cake in half. You will be able to order sheet cakes with the same decor, filling, and icing to serve guests. * When it comes to save the top tier. * Get a plain cake and dress it up with crystals and cake jewelry for an elegant look that costs less than sugar flowers and hardmake molds. * Instead of a round cake, try a square or rectangular-shaped cake. They're unique and you will be able to get more slices out of the cake. * Skip the groom's cake. * Do it yourself!

Rent a Cake

With more and more people trying to save money, not everyone will be able to afford a cake that costs over $1,000, or even a few hundred dollars for some. So what's a bride and groom to do? Believe it or not, wedding cake rental is a rising trend. Companies such as Cake Rental and Rent the Cake of Your Dreams give financiallysliced piece. The rental cake is then taken into the kitchen where sheet cake is cut and served to guests. This means no one will ever know about your delicious secret. 

How It Works

* Once you've chosen a rental company, you will select a pre-designed cake. Don't worry if nothing appeals to you. Most cake rental places will accept personal designs. * The design is set, but you must now decide on the sheet cake's flavor, filling, icing, and the number of guests expected to attend.  * A deposit ranging between $100 and $200 is required, in addition to the price of the cake's rental and sheet cake. The amount will vary by company. * Rental companies will deliver and set up the cake on your wedding day. However, cakes must be returned within a certain number of days. Once this happens, your deposit will be reimbursed.

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