Chambolle Musigny

1997 Roumier Bonnes Mares !''Showing very well. Gorgeous nose, very expressive. Plenty of contrentration. A bit of 1997 chunkiness on the palette, but not so much as to cause much trouble. Overall, excellent. Open now, even better in 5 to 10. 94'' Thu Feb 17 11:20:01 EST 2005 1979 Roumier Musigny !''An amazing bottle of wine. Very Bonnes-Mares like on the nose, with brown sugar and earth. Huge fruit, with a super concentrated spine of fruit and acidity reminiscent of Cros Parantoux or Romanee Conti. A shockingly good 79. Rating: 97'' 2006 1978 Bouchard Musigny !''A huge nose of mineral and earth, with adequate stuffing on the palette too. Lacks that extra degree of complexity found in say, an old de Vogue Musigny, but only suffers by that comparison, and certainly better than the 1978 Vogue Musigny. Faded quickly, which was disappointing; rating would be significantly higher if not for that. Rating: 93'' Sun Feb 13 17:50:42 EST 2005 1978 Roumier Les Amoureuses !''A stunning showing. Faded quickly be careful not to let site open too long. A second bottle from same late was off. Drink now.'' Fall 2005.


1966 Drouhin Grands Echezeaux !''Apparently this bottle originates from Belgium as labelled "Graft Lecocq & Fils, Namur". A bit tired and over the hill at this point; brown at the rim, and smelling a little tawny, but definately still alive. Good acidity and balance. Could be more complex for a grands cru. Decent finish and concentration. Drink up. 89''

Gevrey Chambertin

1985 Rebourseau Mazy Chambertin !''Not good / not drinkable. Might be a bad bottle.''  Oct 2004 2000 Jacky Truchot Charmes Chambertin VV !''91'' Sat Feb 26 11:11:13 EST 2005

Morey St. Denis

1993, 1997, 2000 Hubert Lignier Clos de la Roche !''Very disappointing. These wines taste like California Pinot lots of dark fruit, but the complexity is not there or masked. Even if you like California pinots you shouldn't like them at this price point. The 1985 was a stunning wine; I guess the vinification has changed. Sad.'' 1969 Drouhin Clos de la Roche (a negotiant bottling)'' !bad btl'' 1978 Clos des Lambrays !''Very nice. Elegant, not a blockbuster. Good fruit. Ready. 90. A second bottle more advanced and not quite as good.'' Feb 2004 1972 Clos des Lambrays !''Oddly heavyhanded for Clos des Lambrays (which is normally a more elegant wine). Structured. Very dark color. Almost a little Rhone-like. 91.'' 2006

Nuits St. Georges

1969 Henri Gouges Nuits St. Georges Les Pruliers !''Needing much air, this wine eventually showed a very nice mature Nuits-style nose. A bit lighter on the palette, could use a bit more fruit and intensity, but good. Fine. 90'' !

Vosne Romanee

1952 Charles Noellat Vosne Romanee Les Beaux Monts !''Fantastic vigour, perfect condition, soaring nose. Beaux Monts is not the most complex wine, but in all other respects really impressive. Showed consistently from multiple bottles. 95'' 1976 Charles Noellat Vosne Romanee Les Suchots !''Bad, and probably not just the bottle. Too many old Noellat bottles are bad. 50'' Feb 2004


1988 Rebourseau Clos Vougeot !''Good/fine as expected. A nice Clos Vougeot. Nice to see an 88 that is not dried out. 91''  Oct 2004

Cote de Beaune

1998 Bertrand Ambroise Corton Le Rognet !''Seems "overextracted" in that way that tends to make burgundies lose their complexitiy I'm nervous about it.'' 1999 Girardin Corton Renardes !''Good''


2002 Roumier Bourgogne Rouge !''Nice nose, nice color. Thin on the palette, lean like a Beaujolais or something, maybe even more so. At this price point you would be better of with a Chinon or Cru Beaujolais I think. Nothing truly wrong with it though. The 2003 is a bigger wine, which even needs some aging. 84'' Mon Feb 14 10:21:02 EST 2005


1989 Coche Dury Meursault !''Clearly this wine was excellent but it is beyond its prime by a few years. Still good drinking, but a little tired and lacking the classic raciness of a young or at peak Coche wine. Rating: 88'' Sun Feb 13 21:31:59 EST 2005 1992 Coche Dury Meursault !''Showing well, better than the 89, drink up! I still like the Coche village wine best when young. 90 Thu Feb 17 11:21:16 EST 2005'' 1998 Coche Dury Meursault Caillerets !''Very nice. Rougeot has a bit more dimensionality. Good stuff. 2006'' 1990 Bouchard Montrachet !''Surprisingly good and fully mature. 93. Jul 2006''