Work and Safety Footwear

Safety hazards are a part of most workplaces. The major cause for workplace accidents is negligence in following work place safety. Specially designed footwear help prevent injuries at the work spot to a great extent. 

Types of Work and Safety Footwear

* '''Safety Toed''': Safety-toed shoes have toe areas reinforced with a cap. They are lighter than steel toed shoes.  

* '''Steel Insoles''': Steel insoles restrict the movement of toes and are helpful to individuals with joint problems. 

* '''Metal Instep Guard''': They protect the feet from puncture injuries through a protective metal shield. 

* '''Steel-Toed Boots''': The shoes have steel toe caps that are a common sight in heavy industries.  

* '''Plastic Shoe Covers''': Plastic shoe covers on shoes are for reasons of hygiene and are used in hospitals and day cares

* '''Anti slip shoes '''are required to prevent slipping.

* For places where is ther a build-up of static electricity, static dissipative protective footwear can help dispel electricity.

Footwear for Workplace Safety Tips

* The internal surface of the work shoe must be in a straight line from the heel to the end of the big toe.
* Consider using insoles where the job needs walking or standing on solid floors.
* Women’s safety shoes are widely used by women in the workplace.
* When choosing footwear, one should keep in mind that tight socks or stockings can spasm the toes as much as poorly-fitted shoes and also cause blisters. Safety socks are always preferred.

Manufacturers of Work and Safety Footwear

* Wynnster
* Sage
* Dunlop
* Protec

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