Work and Safety Footwear

Safety hazards are a part of most workplaces. The major cause for workplace accidents is negligence in following work place safety. Specially designed footwear  help prevent injuries at the work spot to a great extent. 

Types of Work and Safety Footwear

  • Steel Insoles: Steel insoles  restrict the movement of toes and are helpful to individuals with joint problems. 
  • Metal Instep Guard : They protect the feet from puncture injuries through a protective metal shield. 
  • Plastic Shoe Covers : Plastic shoe covers on shoes are for reasons of hygiene and are used in hospitals and day cares

Footwear for Workplace Safety Tips

  • The internal surface of the work shoe  must be in a straight line from the heel to the end of the big toe.
  • Consider using insoles  where the job needs walking or standing on solid floors.
  • Women’s safety shoes  are widely used by women in the workplace.
  • When choosing footwear, one should keep in mind that tight socks  or stockings  can spasm the toes as much as poorly-fitted shoes and also cause blisters. Safety socks  are always preferred.

Manufacturers of Work and Safety Footwear

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Cofra Safety Work Shoe For the Electronic and Explosive Industry :

The footwear with electric resistance and padded heels is a work shoe for the electronic and explosive industry.

Taskforce Safety Boots and Safety Shoes :

The anti slip work shoes are made of leather and have soles resistant to oil and alkali.

Dealer Work wear Safety Boot with Steel Toecap :

The steel toe cap in the safety boot prevents crushing injuries in work places.

Quick Picks

Caterpillar Rig Leather Safety Work Shoes :

The leather safety work shoes feature steel midsoles for under foot protection.

Schurr Safety with steel toe cap :

Tthe shoes are ideally worn in operation theaters and pharmaceutical departments.

Amblers Hiker Style Safety Shoes :

The protective work shoes are hiker styled with steel midsoles.

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