HP Photosmart Digital Cameras

Essentially, these cameras are on the lower end of the digital camera market, and their prices are fairly low too, ranging from $130 to $450. They don't offer the high resolution (max 6MP) that most new digital cameras feature and their LCD preview screen tend to be on the small side, usually less than 2". Some of the more basic models don't even come with optical zoom, which tends to be a major drawback with most inexpensive cameras. Plus they tend to have limited features, despite often crowded exteriors. If you are looking for something small and inexpensive to use as a snapshot camera that is easy to use from the moment you take the shot to the moment when you print it, then this is a good choice for you. Otherwise, for enthusiasts and those looking for manual features and more, it's advisable to spend a bit more for something with better features. For an explanation of what to look for when buying a digital camera, please see the buying guide. Note that the prices listed are estimates and are not always the lowest street price available.

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