Napkins and Rings Buying Guide

A good table setting not only displays your meticulousness, but also accentuates the elegance of your tableware and crockery. Table napkins are placed on the lap and used for dabbing one’s mouth during a meal.  

How to Buy Table Napkins

'''Decide on the Fabric: '''Napkins for a dining table setting can be made of fabrics such as Egyptian cotton, linen or damask. Damask is a heavy fabric made from cotton, silk or linen and is ideal for table linen as it is heavy and does not fly easily. When choosing the fabric, keep in mind the cleaning and storage factor. Certain fabrics are not as stain-resistant as others. Cotton napkins need to be ironed to remove creases. An entirely different concept is that of paper napkins, which are disposable. Cocktail napkins, whether paper or cloth, are usually 10 inches square.  '''Determine the Setting:''' Napkins can be for cocktails, luncheons or dinners. Coordinate your table napkins according to the tablecloth bearing in mind whether it is for a formal occasion or a family dinner. Make use of white, ivory, cream coloured napkins for a formal setting. You can go for contrasting patterned or printed napkins to match the tablecloth if it is an informal dinner.   '''Choose the Design or Pattern:''' You can pick from a variety of designs to suit your dining room decor. Embroidered, printed and stripes are commonly preferred styles. Also, colourful napkins made of paper are perfect for a kid’s party where they can be disposed of after use. Personalised napkins for special events such as weddings and birthdays can be ordered too. Some napkins come with matching tablecloths and runners.  

Napkin Rings

To complete the setting, get napkin rings and holders. They come in materials such as metal, wood, plastic, Bakelite, sterling silver and pewter. They may be beaded or studded, embossed or designed with a motif. They come in lovely shapes such as loops, flowers and hearts. There are narrow and wide napkin rings which you can pick according to your napkin folding and setting. On the other hand, you can also go for decorative napkin ties made of cloth or fabrics.  

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