Oven Gauntlets and Mitts Buying Guide

Oven gauntlets and mitts are heat-insulated gloves that protect hands from hot objects. As the term implies, oven gauntlets are primarily used while handling ovens, stoves and hot cookware.  

Types of Oven Gauntlets and Mitts

* '''Cotton Mitts:''' These are the traditional oven gauntlets which are made of heatprotective padding on both sides. Provided with a steam/grease barrier, these cotton mitts are machine washable.   ** In the UK, 100% cotton gauntlets have to conform to British Standard Specification 6526:1984 for Domestic Oven Gloves.   ** You can find attractive thematic patterns ranging from floral to animal to psychedelic designs.   * '''Silicone Mitts:''' New age oven gauntlets and mitts are made of water and stainslip safety surface, are machine washable and dishwasher safe. They are ideal for handling roast chickens directly from the oven as you can simply wipe them clean.  ** Funky animal-shaped silicone gauntlets are also available with the head of a cow, sheep or a zebra.   * '''Furnace mitts:''' These gauntlets are heavily insulated and can protect you from intense heat over a longer period of time. 


* When using oven gauntlets made of cotton fabric, it is important to remember that they will not protect against hot liquids. Cotton oven gauntlets and mitts should be used strictly for handling dry, hot cookware. Unless you are using furnace gloves, it is recommended that regular oven gauntlets are not used over prolonged periods of time. Gloves should not come into direct contact with heating elements like gas flames or similar sources of high temperature.   * Some innovative gauntlets also have a magnet sown in the lining such that they can be easily stored against any metallic surface like a refrigerator.     

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