Nikon Coolpix Compact Digital Cameras

Nikon's line of Coolpix digital cameras is a sure bet for any amateur to avid photographer. They offer superior zoom and picture quality for point and shoots and make photography a fun and user-friendly experience. On the other hand, the prosumer will want something a little more powerful and/or versatile, either along the lines of a digital SLR or a Pro Digital SLR. No matter which product suits your needs, as usual, Nikon products are constructed of high-quality materials and feature innovative technology. Their wide range of product offerings vary in price and power, and will be listed and described here in this article, categorized by series. It will help you learn about which compact digital camera best caters to your photography lifestyle, whether it be a model from their older series or from their newest product line. Before you get started, you may want to review the Digital Camera Buying Guide.

Not so fresh, but just as popular

Nikon's older models from 4-8 megapixels have proved to be very popular with consumers. None of them are as compact or lightweight as the S series models, however, most models still offer quite a few nifty features.

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