Nikon Digital SLRs

For the family photographer who wants more control over their shots or for an avid SLR user looking to switch over to buying guide.)

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The Pluses

* '''Lens:''' Like the pro models, these digital SLRs have complete compatibility with Nikon lenses, making them very versatile depending on what type of photographs you are shooting. * '''Interface:''' For those who like simplicity while still having all the options associated with an SLR, these models are very simplistic, featuring an easyuse button interface that includes a help button. * '''Scene modes:''' Because these models are midautomatic scene shooting modes, such as portrait, sport, night, etc. * '''Integrated pop-up flash''': This eliminates the need to tote along an external flash and it also simplifies the process for those who are looking for a simple camera with manual control.

The Minuses

* This camera lacks a grip that facilitates shooting vertically. Grips can be purchased as separate accessories. * Access to compact flash cards and/or SD memory cards requires the use of two hands, slowing down the switch of media devices. This is a negative aspect for anyone wanting to quickly change options while in the field.

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